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Over 30 Years of Experience in Lawn Care

Our efficient automatic systems save money and conserve water. Enjoy greener lawns with better root systems that are resistant to insects and diseases. Say goodbye to wasteful watering—our precision-programmed irrigation targets roots for efficiency.

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Since 1990, we've taken pride in delivering award-winning services in the lawn care and landscaping industry. Our commitment to expertise, professionalism, and honesty has established us as the go-to for top-notch lawn care and landscaping services in the greater Birmingham area.


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Expert Care for Your Green Spaces

Transform your outdoor living area with our comprehensive local lawn care and landscaping services. From lush lawns to blooming gardens, we're here to create your perfect outdoor oasis.

Fertilization and
Weed Control

Our local lawn care services combine both quality materials and quality workmanship to help bring your lawn to its fullest potential.

Shrub Fertilization: We create a schedule designed especially for your geographical area to distribute important fertilizers and insecticides and keep your shrubs healthy, strong, and beautiful.

Lawn Insect & Disease Control: We can offer top-quality fertilization and weed control programs to treat or prevent insect and disease damage to lawns.

Aeration: Our specialized core aeration equipment removes soil and thatch cores to improve your lawn's health.


Hardscape: We transform your backyard into the ultimate outdoor entertainment hub with outdoor kitchens, patios, pathways, fire pits, and retaining walls.

With over 30 years of experience, you can be sure that our structures are built to last.

Night Lighting: Our night lighting services give your landscape a professional finish thanks to our expertise in detail and artistic background when balancing lighting applications.


Automatic Irrigation: Our automatic irrigation systems are properly installed and programmed to save you time, help conserve water, and put money back in your pocket.

Drainage: We offer drainage solutions for new landscape designs and existing systems to protect the well-being of your yard and home.

We are a RainBird Select Contractor. We are EPA Certified.


Horticulture: Our dependable, cost-conscious professionals offer expert horticultural advice for optimal lawn health.

Landscape: We specialize in low-maintenance landscape designs for homeowners to enjoy their beautiful outdoor spaces year-round without constant upkeep. 

Land-Clearing: We provide all types of land-clearing services to accommodate individual or commercial land-clearing and brush-grinding needs.

Shrub Removal: We offer removal services for old, overgrown shrubs to help revitalize your landscape's appearance and health.

Insightful Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

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